Monday, July 18, 2011

Upcoming Events

After a year and a half, Greensboro Roller Derby is finally (primarily) based out of Greensboro!! Go figure. We're still bouting in High Point, but the league is now back home in some sweet, warehouse rental digs. Please come celebrate with us at our wareHouse warming, and take a look at how we've grown with the help of your love and support. And we're having a 90's theme, y'all, so come dressed in your freshest threads (no ...pressure).

$5 entry fee (Cash only!). Yo! That gets you:

2 derby bout expos:
-Fresh Meat debut in The Ravers vs. The Grungies
-GSORD vets in SAVED BY THE HELL: The Kelly KaPOWskis vs. The A.C. SLAYters

Live performances by:
-Decoration Ghost (​ages/Decoration-Ghost/1037​11407395)
-Sterogram (​ogram)
-Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth (​ages/Emily-Stewart-The-Bab​y-Teeth/121531827905903)

Games for adults and their kids! Bring your bathing suit, kiddies, and stay (too) cool!

We are going to be grilling and selling hot dogs and hamburgers (w/ vegetarian and vegan options), as well as ice cold beverages (again, cash only!).

AINT NO PARTY LIKE A GSORD DANCE PARTY!! Release yo' delf with Larry and DJ Bonzani on the 1's and 2's from 10pm-Midnight.

Artwork revealed by:
Justin Ensely
Isaiah Ronan and Morgan Joyce
Jolie D.
Tristian Miller
Eric Moss
Cheri Moser
Houston Patton
Louise Calhoun

5-6pm: art opening/open skate
6-6:30pm: The Ravers vs. The Grungies
6:30-7:15pm: live music
7:15-8:30 pm: SAVED BY THE HELL
8:30-9:15PM: live music
9:15-10: live music
10-midnight: dancing!

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