Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the Team: The Elm St. Nightmares

We're several bouts into the 2011 season, and by now you've seen all of the GSORD home teams in action on the track. You've met all the teams. You've admired their uniforms. You've marveled at the athletic feats the skaters on each team are capable of performing. Maybe you've gotten some of your favorite players to autograph your program (or your body). But what else do you know about the teams? There are mysteries and wonders that can only be known if you peel back the outer layer of the league and take a closer look.

Over the next few weeks, watch this space for fun facts about the GSORD home teams. In today's installment, we will begin by delving into the lore surrounding the league's most horrifying team: the Elm St. Nightmares.

The Nightmares are known by their characteristic snarls, their blood-chilling screams, and their chants of "Skaaa..." meant to intimidate their opponents. Some say that these skaters were born good and turned bad; others aren't so hopeful. What everyone is sure of, though, is that the Nightmares are characterized by a bold, almost demented style of play. Although this often causes them to end up in the penalty box, it's a calculated risk for the Nightmares. A chance not taken is an opportunity denied.

Some facts about the individual Nightmares:

  • Molly Flogger: the captain of the Nightmares, a terrifying force on the flat track. An all-around player who jams and blocks with equal vigor and skill. Rumor has it that Flogger may once have eaten a baby.
  • Annie Lastwords: Flogger's co-captain and partner in horror. A gifted pivot and blocker, no one gets by Annie, and when they try they often find themselves uttering their Lastwords.
  • Miller Lightnin': one tall glass of the hard stuff. Miller Lightnin' is a formidable blocker, but it's when she's hurtling through the pack and giving her opponents a heck of a hangover that she really shines. She performs her eviscerations pleasantly, while flashing a winning smile.
  • Rae Diation: One of the Nightmares' best jammers. As a service to her opponents, Rae Diation thoughtfully limits their exposure by quickly making her way through the pack and around the track. Some say she glows in the dark.
  • Pomona Bomber: Happy to play any position, Pomona Bomber dive-bombs the opposition and plays with heart. She takes and gives hits with equal aplomb, and there's no getting her down because she always gets back up.
  • Anne MaRIOT: This ninja-esque Nightmare is of the sneaky persuasion. She takes her opponents by surprise while still hitting clean and legal. Don't even try to predict a riot, because you won't see it coming.
  • Blonde Burgundy: One of the Nightmares' most formidable blockers and kind of a big deal, Blonde Burgundy excels in the Pivot position. In addition, she has many leather-bound books and her house smells of rich mahogany.
  • Brody Slaughterhouse: This Nightmare can take a hit with class, and give it right back even harder. With her skillful positional blocking, she leads opponents right to the slaughterhouse.
  • Sheeza Pistol: The name says it all. After a hit from Sheeza Pistol, opponents feel as if they've been pistol-whipped. And they have.
  • Pickle Joose: That unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach isn't because you just drank a jar of pickle juice. It's because you're being pursued by Pickle Joose, one of the Nightmares' fastest skaters. Don't even try to keep up, because you won't be able to. You may have also seen Joose in her signature white unitard, cheering on the league's travel team, the Gate City Rollergirls.
  • Pleather Tuscadero: This all-around player is as resilient as fine Corinthian leather but not nearly as fussy. One thing's for sure: opponents won't be experiencing any Happy Days while she's on the track. 
  • Emma Ture: The "spirited child" of the Nightmares, Emma Ture is a living tantrum on eight wheels. Opponents try to catch her when she runs into traffic onto the track, but they rarely succeed.

And, of course, no team would be complete without coaches. The Nightmares' coaches, Captain Moobs and The Godfather of Roll, provide the team with guidance and support. These gifted senseis of the sport have much to offer. They devise drills to keep the Nightmares on their toes (or wheels, as the case may be) and know each skater's strengths and challenges.

The Nightmares will be playing the Battleground Betties on Sunday, September 18. But you can meet the Nightmares at any of the league's upcoming events. Check our website or Facebook page for updates.

Keep an eye out for the next installment of Meet The Team! Next up: the Mad Dollies.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Preventing Injuries

We all know, that roller derby is a fast paced, full contact sport, where injuries are inevitable. But, there are a few tips that you should follow to make sure that your risk of injury is reduced:

1.) Wearing correct protective gear: always make sure that your elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads are securely fitting. You want them to be tight enough that they won't fall or slide off when you are skating. I usually tighten my pads after warming up, because as I start to get sweaty, they start to slip and slide. It is also a good idea to check your pads regularly for wear n' tear. It is also important to wear a proper fitting mouth guard and helmet. I often see women skating around with their helmet pushed up- it is important to keep your helmet pulled down, so that it is right above your eyebrows. If you fall face first, you will be glad that your helmet hits the ground first instead of your nose.

2.) Remember to get enough rest: this doesn't just mean get a good night's sleep- this means to rest your muscles, too. You know how your muscles get sore after practice? It is because you have trained hard enough for your muscles to tear slightly, and your body needs time to repair them, resulting in stronger and bigger muscles. Having a fatigued body will make training dangerous- Fatigue makes you sloppy and being sloppy will get you injured. If you do decide to work out between practices, try to work only on those muscles not used during competition; the only concession being the core muscles, which can always use a good conditioning.

3.) Know your body: it is important to know your body and your limits. It is better to sit out a practice or two if your knees are sore than to keep falling on them. It is crucial to know when your body needs a break- don't push yourself so hard that you get an injury or make an injury worse. You have to take care of yourself outside of roller derby, too. Ice your joints after every practice. Taking a couple ibuprofen will help with inflammation. Take a hot bath with Epsom salt. Eat healthy. Stay hydrated. Take a multivitamin. Nutrition is key- eat as many whole foods as possible and skip that processed crap.

4.) Warming up and Cooling down: always allow for warm up time before practice and cool down time after practice. "Experts agree that the main purpose of warm-up is to increase the blood circulation in order to raise both the general body and the deep muscle temperatures, which in turn help to heat up the muscles, ligaments and tendons in preparation for more vigorous activity. A proper warm-up provide many benefits due to elevated temperatures associated with it. The likelihood of injury is reduced. Athletic performance can be improved. The warm-up increases muscle efficiency, reduces potential for muscle pulls, improves reaction time and improves the speed of movement of muscled and ligaments. Proper warm-up can also help reduce the severity of post-exercise muscle soreness. The higher temperatures and increased blood flow resulting from warm-up are important for delivery of oxygen to the muscles and for prevention of build-up of unwanted waste products which can lead to muscle soreness." ( Cooling down after practice includes stretching! Stretching after practice is a critical part of practice because it not only improves flexibility and prevents injury, but increased flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and upper back may improve respiratory function.

Derby love,
Jess the Ripper

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Upcoming Events


June 11th, 2011
Gate City Roller Girls vs. U.R.G.E (away)
Greenville, South Carolina
Visit the Facebook Event for more information.

June 18th, 2011
Let the Beat Build! 
Doors @ 9
Glenwood Coffee and Books
1310 Glenwood Ave, GSO

$5 cover (addition donations welcome)... proceeds go to OPERATION XCEL (local nonprofit after-school/ summer program that assists youth with learning disabilities and general educational needs) and GREENSBORO ROLLER DERBY (your local neighborhood bad-asses)

18 and up...
valid I.D.s required

...with DJ WES

June 26, 2011

Battleground Betties vs Mad Dollies
Skate South
208 W. Fairfield Rd.
High Point, NC

Doors @ 6:30pm
Bout @ 7pm

Buy tickets HERE!
See you on the flat track!