Monday, February 17, 2014

Season Opener

Your Gate City All-Stars and the Motley Brew. Image by Frayed Image Concepts, LLC

Yesterday was bout day! We played our season opener against the Motley Brew. Hopefully you were there to cheer us on, but if you weren't (shame on you ;-) !), here is a short recap!

General Sew by Frayed Image Concepts, LLC
We had a very intense first half with neck-in-neck jams all the way through. Both teams brought their A-game and were excited to play. We saw some hard hits, fast pace, big falls and great teamwork which left us with a 70-69 advantage Gate City at the end of the first half.

After half-time the Motley Brew gained the advantage and pulled ahead. Your Gate City All-Stars fought hard, but the Motley Brew stayed on top for the rest of the bout. However, the last 10 minutes saw some amazing recovery where Gate City closed the gap. The final score of the bout was 131-184.

Carnegie Brawl by Frayed Image Concepts, LLC
Some stats from the bout:
Number of jams: 23 in the first half and 21 in the second half
Number of jammers used by Gate City (GC): 7 
GC skater who became lead jammer the most times: Frosty Snowmean, with 10 leads
GC skater who scored the most points: Frosty Snowmean, 92 points
GC skater with the most penalties: Carnegie Brawl, with 6 penalties
Total number of penalties: 61, 30 by GC and 31 by MB


MVP GC: Betty Switch
Rosie Cheeks and Betty Switch by Frayed Image Concepts, LLC
MVP MB: Rosie Cheeks

The zebras never lose! Image by Frayed Image Concepts, LLC
Since GSORD is skater owned and run, we put on these bouts ourselves with the help of our skaters, refs, NSOs (Non-Skating Officials) and volunteers. As we are using rented venues, we have to set up and break down everything before and after each bout. This takes a lot of man-power, so if you would like to help, we would love to have you! Please contact to join our league as a volunteer, non-skating member, or referee. That is also the same address to email if you would like to join us as a skater! If you would like to learn how to NSO, contact These are the people you see at the bouts who run scoreboards, lineup tracking, penalty box and much more! 

Our next bout will be the 22nd of March at the Greensboro Coliseum and will feature two of our home teams battling it out! Come out to see the Elm Street Nightmares play the Battleground Betties at 6pm. 

Coming up in our next post on March 3: Battleground Betties Introduction

Check out some more images from yesterday's bout! (All by Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC).

Schoolya Childs and Flirtini in the penalty box

Schoolya Childs and Frosty Snowmean

General Sew, Hitter Miss, Butternut Squasher and Emma Ture

Carnegie Brawl, Betty Switch and PepperSpray Pattie

Monday, February 10, 2014

All-Stars Introduction!

Happy February GSORD fans! We are now entering into our bouting season and first up is our Gate City bout this upcoming Sunday. Please note that it is on Sunday the 16th of February, NOT on Saturday like our usual bouts. The venue is also different, we are playing at the Greensboro Sportsplex. The doors will open at 12 and the bout begins at 1 pm. Tickets can be bought at the door as usual, or in advance at Seven Sagas Tattoos and Cycles de Oro, or from us GSORD skaters personally. We will be bouting the Motley Brew, so be sure to come out and see us play! This is also your last opportunity to buy merchandise with our old logo, get them before they are all gone! There is nothing like owning ALL the GSORD merchandise and showing how dedicated you are!

Helluva Hooker
Grandmaster Bash
As an preview to our first bout of the season, we wanted to introduce you to our new Gate City All-Stars team. They are led by coaches Helluva Hooker and Grandmaster Bash. The amazing of team of women include: Frosty Snowmean (Captain), Schoolya Childs (Captain), General Sew, Annie Lastwords, Betty Switch, Jess the Ripper, Butternut Squasher, Carnegie Brawl, Flirtini, Hitter Miss, Ka$h Honey, Whip-O SnapHer, Glitt-R-Done, Buster Licious, Moloko Violet, Pepperspray Pattie, Ellie Mae Crammit, A-Ha Gabor, Alexandroid, and Emma Ture.

So what are the new captains like? We will let them tell you themselves! First up is Frosty Snowmean:

Frosty Snowmean

Frosty as described by Schoolya: “My co-captain is the kind of person you want by your side always...she's extremely talented, a relentless fighter, and the hardest most dedicated worker I've ever met.”
Your goals for your team this season: I'd like us to master toe stop usage and up our defensive walls.
Favorite move on skates: My favorite move on skates is a transition around an opponent.
Best derby memory: My family watching me play.
Worst derby memory: Thigh cramps after a bout.
Best advice for new skaters: Skate as much as you can, and repeat moves over and over again until you are satisfied.

And here is Schoolya Childs:

Schoolya Childs
Schoolya as described by Frosty:Schoolya is great at identifying positive attributes in everyone. She is a leader. Pre-game talks are pumped up with her intensity.”
Your goals for your team this season: My goals for the team this season are to establish that solid team bond ... I want us as a group to push one another beyond what we believe we are capable of as individuals.
Favorite move on skates: My favorite move on skates is a well-timed solid block.
Best derby memory: Too hard to choose.
Worst derby memory: Anytime I get sent to the sin bin, aka penalty box.
Best advice for new skaters: Attitude is everything. Get your mental game right and everything else will follow. Use your failures and falls as fuel. Have fun embracing your inner bad ass!

Come join us at the bout on Sunday, and stay tuned for our post-bout post on Monday the 17th

(All images in this post were taken by our lovely sponsors, Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and their website!