Monday, April 28, 2014

Tap 'n' Run!

Mauly Ringwald and Johnny Applespeed
Do you like to drink beer?  Do you like costumes?  Do you like or tolerate running?  Yes, yes, and yes?  Turns out you're not the only one!  This last weekend Greensboro Roller Derby had the privilege of volunteering for Tap 'n' Run, a ridiculously silly and fun 4k race that features periodic chances to break for beer.  

We had such a great time!   GSORD members worked on setup and tear down, handed out beer to the participants, and just generally contributed to the good vibes and revelry.  The JamActive staff were wonderful to work with, and we appreciate having the opportunity to help put on this event for the second year.  

Plus your local roller girls got to let their hair down (or stuff it up into a wig) and just enjoy each other on a beautiful April day while working together and having fun.  Thanks for the memories, guys!

We hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Come join us at Tap 'n' Run next year!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Snarl Jung

This upcoming weekend (12th) the Greensboro Roller Derby is proud to present a doubleheader bout! Our first bout will feature our All Stars against the Appalachian Roller Girls from Boone. This is the first time we are playing each other as WFTDA leagues, so it’s a BIG DEAL, so come out and support! In our second bout we will see The Elm Street Nightmares take on the Mad Dollies for the first time since the Championships last fall and the Dollies are eager for a re-match! The doors open at 4 and tickets are available at the door or at Stumble Stilskins, Seven Sagas Tattoos, and Cycles de Oro. Be sure to welcome back Snarl Jung #83 of the Mad Dollies, who is returning from maternity leave to play her first bout in quite a while! We are thrilled you are back Snarl!

You have previously met our Gate City All Stars, The Elm Street Nightmares and the Battleground Betties, and now it is finally time to introduce you to our Mad Dollies

Admiral Packbar
Grandmaster Bash

They are coached by Admiral Packbar (who you may have seen refereeing) and Grandmaster Bash (who also coaches the All Stars). This season they are leading fifteen fierce Mad Dollies:

A-Ha Gabor #48
Alexandroid #1011
Andraste #219
Betty Switch #90
Carnegie Brawl #33
C. Oswin #46
Crash Bandicutie #N64
Dawn Quixote #9K1
Ellie Mae Crammit #9021oh!
Flirtini #520
Hugs ‘n’ Hisses #H155
Jess the Ripper #666
Miss Shuggenah #59
Snarl Jung #83
Suture Fancy U81

A-Ha Gabor and Alexandroid

The captains for this season are Alexandroid and A-Ha Gabor. Here is a chance for you to get to know them a little better!

First up, Alexandroid:

Droid as described by A-Ha: Droid is an amazing leader with an extensive understanding of the game. She is wonderfully talented, has the very best attitude, and is tough as leather!
Your goals for your team this season: I told my Dollies that if we win the Lockard-Lugin Leg Lamp, I'll do a whiskey slap at the afterparty and I haven't drank in over a decade so the leg lamp is obviously always a goal but really I just want to continue to develop our players and make sure we have fun playing the sport we love.

Favorite move on skates: Can opener. Well, I should probably specify a *legal* can opener.
Best derby memory: Any time I got to skate with Helluva Hooker.
Worst derby memory: Losing my spot on the roster for the Gate City vs Appalachian bout because I broke my leg in the scrimmage the week before. I heard it break but tried to convince my captain, AlaBAMison, that is wasn't broken by walking on it. Thankfully, she didn't buy it.
Best advice for new skaters: Jess the Ripper gave me the best advice and it's this: Just stay on the track. It doesn't matter if you're the slowest skater out there, just stay on the track and don't give up, never give up, never sit out.

And A-Ha Gabor!:

A-Ha Gabor
A-Ha as described by Droid: A-Ha is one of my favorite people to play with, managing to balance passion with calculating strategy. She has no off switch, no dimmer. She broke her foot mid-bout last season and continued to play, mostly jam, holding nothing back for the rest of the game, never once even mentioning that her foot hurt. She also fought sea monster and won and then punched a yeti.
Your goals for your team this season: To be the smartest, hard hitting-est, most fun team in the league
Favorite move on skates: Waitressing 
Best derby memory: Skating every practice with such incredible women.
Worst derby memory: Those jams when I go out and over think everything...that never ends up well.
Best advice for new skaters: Work hard, don't ever give up, and always remember that it's fun.

If two bouts are not enough for you, be sure to pick up a season pass at the bout to get access to the Sunday VIP bout! As mentioned before, these are only open to season pass holders, and you will be able to also witness the second Betties vs. Nightmares bout of the season! Come out this weekend and support all your skaters, we love all of our fans!