Friday, May 4, 2012

Ode to Smackson Pollock

The family of Greensboro Roller Derby continues to expand, which sometimes means our skaters must head off to other places and spread their awesomeness elsewhere. This hurts me in my heartal area, but I get comfort knowing some of the best people in the universe are out there, reppin' hard in other places.

Smackson Pollock-- formerly MSG, a beautiful Bettie and a Gate City all-star-- is leaving us for the coast. We will miss her. I will miss her. So I wrote her this poem. Please enjoy.

For Smackson

Smackson, Smackson
How I love thee
In my heart, you have always been MSG
Your muscles so ripped
Your booty so big
So pretty and girly, yet you eat like pig
Your laugh is infectious
And your hugs so sincere
Always the last one to wash your smelly gear
Your hits are the worst, but my favorite to get
Getting a hip check from you is truly the pits
I love how we hit each other the entire jam
Or how we help each other achieve a grand slam
Going against you or with you is always so fun
Cause I know we will giggle with each other when the clock says its done
There is something so special about you that I wish I could capture
An afterparty with you is always a delightful disaster
You really are one of the best girls I will ever meet
My favorite to lose to, and my favorite to beat

Smackson Pollock, you are a wonderful and unique woman that makes the world a better place. I will miss your laugh, hugs, and your wonderful approach to life. Hitting you and being hit by you is one of the reasons I love roller derby so much.

Keep being you.

XOXO Miller Lightnin'