Sunday, November 8, 2015

Give Thanks for Roller Derby

Photo courtesy of Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC

As we near the end of our roller derby season, we’d like to reflect on how grateful we are for roller derby. We come together a few days each week to practice, have bouts, have meetings and just to hang out. 

This is what we look like on any given Sunday... we're thankful we get to play rough and have fun
Mischief Managed, Whip O SnapHer, Kam N. GetIt, and Betty Switch
Photo courtesy of Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC

We’re also thankful for the back massages!

We’re thankful for all the incredible coaching and training
Grandmaster Bash
Photo courtesy of Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC

We're oh so thankful for our awesome refs,
and the secret Freddy selfies, Mwahahaha!
Jasper Newton and Freddy Mercury Poisoning

And of course, for all of our fantabulous volunteers!
Gina Allen xx factor
Photo courtesy of Joshua R. Craig Photography

And seriously, where would we be without our fans?!?!
Photo courtesy of Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC

We’ve made some really amazing friendships and been to some very cool places...
let's not forget the fun we had getting there!!!

Not to mention all the other very awesome teams we've played, even one from Norway!
Buster Vicious, Hitter Miss and Nidaros Roller Derby girls
Photo courtesy of Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC

We are thankful for all our seasoned vets, transfer skaters, and fresh meat
Photo courtesy of Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC

For mothers and daughters that play derby together...
and here, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with both of them in the box! Bad girls!
Sheeza Pistol #138 and Baby Pistol #38
Photo courtesy of Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC

For our sponsors and vendors

For the pets that frequently come to the warehouse so we can give some fur baby lovin’

And for all the little people who are part of this roller derby family. On any given day, they can bring a smile to our faces even if we’ve been hit on the track one too many times. Got a busted lip, swollen knee, rink rash? Just look at this guy, and he’ll put a smile on your face! He may even play Roll the Skate with you.

And for teamwork, whether it's on the track, off the track, or setting up and breaking down the track!
Tesla Spoils and her helper

And last but not least, we are thankful for our talent... I mean, who else can do a rainbow split besides Rainbow Blight? Right?

I hope you are thankful for derby, because we sure are! Come to the last bout of the season at 1pm on November 14th and be thankful with us!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's a Thriller double header!
Oct 3, 2015
Greensboro Counterstike vs Star City Roller Girls
The Smooth Criminals vs The PYTs
Yes, it's those notorious criminals vs those pretty young things. This should be interesting! 
Come sing one of your all time favorite songs Thriller, but in slightly different lyrics...

Thriller Lyrics. Oh, no! I mean...

Roller Derby Thriller Lyrics!

It’s close to bout time and something evil’s lurking on the track
Under the gym lights, you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to skate but terror takes the track before you get there
You start to freeze as blockers looks you right between the eyes
You’re recognized

‘Cause this is thriller derby night
And no one’s gonna save you from the blocker about to hit
You know it’s thriller derby night
You’re fighting for the jam, so just go get her
Derby tonight

You hear the whistle and realize there ain’t no turnin' back
You try to bust through the four beast blocker wall in front of you
You close your eyes and hope you end up on the other side
But all the while the other jammer’s skatin’ up behind
You better run

‘Cause this is thriller derby night
There ain’t no second chance against the blockers evil eyes
Girl, thriller derby night
You’re fighting for the jam, so just go get her
Derby tonight

Players stop brawling
And teams start to drink up their Gatorade
There’s no resisting the pitch a pony this time
Now it’s the end of half time

They’re out to get you; there’s blockers closing in on every side
They will hip check you unless you pass that pantie on your head
Now is the time to end this jam and score some points to win this
All through the bout keep pushin’ through those blockers til they fall
You’ll score the points

‘Cause this is thriller derby night
Your team can win this bout if you work together and you fight
Thriller derby night
You’re fighting for the jam so be that thriller killer jammer
Derby here tonight

‘Cause this is thriller derby night
Your team can win this bout if you work together and you fight
Thriller derby night
You’re fighting for the jam so be that thriller killer

I’m gonna derby tonight!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Five ways being a roller derby fan can improve your life

Did you know that there are scientists out there researching sports fans? Yeah. And they've actually found some ways that being a sports fan can contribute to good health. What?! Yeah. So it’s March, admit it, you've already broken your resolutions to be healthier this year at least 20 times. Let me help you with an easier way to health and happiness: just come watch some roller derby. 

1. Watching roller derby will increase your mental capacity.

If you’re already a fan of roller derby, congratulations! You’re obviously very smart. You've made good decisions in life. But being a roller derby fan can actually help keep your brain in shape. Watching sports forces your brain to process a lot of information very quickly. When you first watch roller derby you probably don’t realize everything that’s going on. Everything happens fast. You can blink and miss an incredible block that forces the jammer to cut the track and get a penalty or a jammer landing an apex jump to score four points and call it off (so no blinking allowed!). Watching roller derby is essentially a workout for your brain, and the longer you're a fan the more you’ll notice strategic blocks and know when the jammer needs to call it off. The more derby you watch the more interesting it becomes and the smarter you will be.

2. Watching roller derby can improve your sex life.

So we all know that physical activity promotes testosterone production, right? Well researchers have now found that even just the act of watching sports can also increase testosterone levels. Why is that good? Increased testosterone equals increased wanna-sex-you-up-ness. This goes for the boys and the girls. So come watch some roller derby and then go home and celebrate that win in the best way possible! I’m just trying to get you laid, Boo.

3. Watching roller derby decreases loneliness and depression.

Being a fan makes you part of a family. Probably a very weird and dysfunctional family but that’s okay! We are not meant to be alone but it’s way too easy to become isolated these days. I’m blaming you, internet! Shared love for a team bonds you together with tons of awesome people you wouldn't have otherwise met. Fans create a community which helps to fight away the blues.

4. Watching roller derby can help improve your relationship.

Yeah, we’re saving marriages here!! Okay, maybe not. But bringing your bae to watch roller derby can bring you closer together. Studies have shown that couples who watch sports together are more satisfied with their relationship. Sharing the trials and triumphs of your favorite team is great way to bond with your partner. And don’t forget about the sex. That’s not going to hurt your relationship either. So mark your calendars to make bout night date night. Trust me, your partner will thank you.

5. Watching roller derby will get you ready for bikini season.

Come to a bout and you’ll see all types of beautiful bodies kicking ass. We've got tall girls and short girls, skinny girls and curvy girls but they all have one thing in common. They’re strong, fearless women and that’s sexy as hell. There’s a lot of negative crap out there but we hope when you look at us you’ll be reminded that you’re gorgeous and powerful and sexy just how you are!

So do your body a favor, pick up a 2015 Season Pass or tickets to our season opener on March 28th and come watch us play!