Monday, April 28, 2014

Tap 'n' Run!

Mauly Ringwald and Johnny Applespeed
Do you like to drink beer?  Do you like costumes?  Do you like or tolerate running?  Yes, yes, and yes?  Turns out you're not the only one!  This last weekend Greensboro Roller Derby had the privilege of volunteering for Tap 'n' Run, a ridiculously silly and fun 4k race that features periodic chances to break for beer.  

We had such a great time!   GSORD members worked on setup and tear down, handed out beer to the participants, and just generally contributed to the good vibes and revelry.  The JamActive staff were wonderful to work with, and we appreciate having the opportunity to help put on this event for the second year.  

Plus your local roller girls got to let their hair down (or stuff it up into a wig) and just enjoy each other on a beautiful April day while working together and having fun.  Thanks for the memories, guys!

We hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Come join us at Tap 'n' Run next year!

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