Monday, March 7, 2011

Finnegan's Skate: Gate City Roller Girls vs. U.R.G.E.

The Gate City Roller Girls (GCRG) had their premiere interleague bout, Finnegan’s Skate, on March 6th, 2011, against Upstate Roller Girl Evolution (U.R.G.E). U.R.G.E. is hard hitting team from South Carolina which was formed by Torch in 2008. Both teams put on an intense show of athleticism, keeping the fans on edge with the close score.
The last jam was crucial because the score was tied. Betty Rumble from GCRGs and Torch from U.R.G.E. were the final jammers, leaving both teams anxious to see who would break the tie. After waiting for a final ruling from the head referee, it was determined that the GCRGs won by 1 point, leaving the final score at 135 (GCRGs) to 134 (U.R.G.E.).
            Most Valuable Players:
    Betty Rumble #11 (GCRGs)
    Madam Melee #56 (U.R.G.E.)
    Cycles de Oro (
    Seven Sagas Tattoo (
                Lotus Center (336-235-2730)
                GIGIgraphics (
            Half-time Entertainment:
                Walsh Kelley School of Irish Dancing (
            Special Thanks to:
                Miller Lightnin’
                Beard and Mustache Club of NC
                Team Zebra
                Johanna Breed
                DJ katemoss
                Go Triad (
                Yes! Weekly (


Derby love, 
Jess the Ripper, Pomona Bomber and Brody Slaughterhouse

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