Monday, January 20, 2014


It’s a new year and new season with not only new babies, but new captains, new skaters and a
new logo too!

By Christina Hancock for Greensboro Roller Derby

At the end of last year we held a competition for a new logo for GSORD. Christina Hancock of Winston-Salem was the winner and creator of our new awesome logo which will be used to promote the team and be put on our official merchandise. Great job Christina!

However, that is not all that is new this season. Beyond the three mini-GSORD members we celebrated in our last post, we also welcomed ten full-sized ones!

Betty Switch herself!

There are two ways new skaters can join our league. The first is through transferring from another league, which is what Betty Switch did early fall of last year. She is already an accomplished derby player with wicked skills!

The other way we get new skaters is through our Fresh Meat program, which we usually hold twice every year (if you are interested in joining, please email for more information). We welcome skaters of all levels to our tryouts and once they pass, they move into the Fresh Meat training. After a period of time, we hold assessments to determine which of the skaters are ready to join our three home teams. Ten fierce ladies were drafted in December and are now ready to bout!

Johnny Applespeed, GRace Galore, Moonfight Sonata and Wrecking Belle
The Battleground Betties and their new captains Ka$h Honey and Glitt-R-Done (all captain are to be featured more in-depth in future posts) welcomes:
GRace Galore - She'll leave you lost and blind with her amazing GRace!
Johnny Applespeed - She came, she saw, she kicked your ass!
Moonfight Sonata - Go up against Moonfight and you'll need a dirge, not a sonata!
Wrecking Belle - This belle just wants to break your walls!

Dawn Quixote, C. Oswin and Suture Fancy

The Mad Dollies and their new captains Alexandroid and A-ha Gabor welcomes:
C. Oswin- She is the impossibly fast girl!
Dawn Quixote - Get in her way and expect to become collateral damage!
Suture Fancy - She'll slice and dice and sew you up nice!

Thoreau HerDown and Shrop Dead

The Elm Street Nightmares and their new captains Emma Ture and Whip-O Snapher welcomes:
Queen LaCheetah - She will leave you seeing spots!
Shrop Dead  - Get on her bad side, and you might just shrop dead
Thoreau HerDown - She's only civil when shaking hands after beating you down!

 Be sure to cheer a little extra loudly for all of our new skaters at their bouts on March 22 and 23!

 Our season opener with the brilliant Gate City Roller Girls All-Stars will be February 16th at the
Greensboro Sportsplex. They will be playing skaters from the Motley Brew. The doors open at 12 and the bout starts at 1! Be sure to be there! To make sure to get tickets to this and future bouts,
buy our season pass. It is only $50 and can be found at all of our bouts as well as at Seven Sagas Tattoos and Cycles de Oro. Not only will you not have to buy individual tickets and save a bunch of money, but you will also have special access to our new Sunday bouts. You will not be able to buy individual tickets to these events, and they will only be available to our season pass holders! Regular tickets will be able to be purchased at the same locations, as usual.

Coming up in our next post on Feb 3: Book review of Down and Derby!

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