Thursday, January 9, 2014

First practice of 2014

Suture Fancy, Wrecking Belle, Hitter Miss, and LeChuck
Happy New Year from Greensboro Roller Derby!

We held our first practice of the year a couple of nights ago, despite sub-freezing temperatures in our unheated warehouse.  It was a great practice!  Highlights included a slogging (slow jogging) warmup, a bunch of footwork drills on and off skates, and a quad-burning performance of 100 squats.  At the end of the night, we practiced weaving around cones and did a quick 27-in-Five.

27-in-Five (also written 27/5) means skating 27 laps around the flat track in five minutes.  It's on the list of WFTDA's minimum skills requirements, which, if you're interested, you can peruse here.  Each year, all our skaters have to (get to?) demonstrate their ability to perform these skills, and we're preparing to do just that later this month.  For most of us, maintaining the endurance required for 27/5 is the Everest of minimum skills, so wish us luck and speed as we keep practicing over the next couple of weeks!

Schoolya Childs and Frosty Snowmean

C. Oswin and Johnny Applespeed 

Home sweet warehome!


  1. Will you be doing try-outs anytime soon?

    1. Email and ask when the next tryouts will be held! :)