Monday, October 20, 2014

Hot patootie, bless my soul! It's GSORD's fifth annual Halloween Doubleheader!

Oh, I just love success!
I said, hey listen to me.  Stay sane inside insanity THIS SATURDAY, October 25, as you scream and shiver for your local teams at our Halloween roller derby double feature!  In case you hadn't noticed, we've got the most titillating theme of all this year: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And you know what that means: doing The Time Warp!  Start practicing now! 

Our first bout, starting at 6pm, will feature your Gate City All Stars fighting those beasts from the east, the Cape Fear Roller Girls.  You saw Gate City take down Charlotte last month- can they repeat the performance?

In our second bout, starting at 7:30pm, Greensboro Counterstrike goes up against the tough and tricky Carolina Bootleggers.  CounterStrike is hungry for their first win of the season- will this be it?

Don't worry, the games aren't going to be held at some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos.  We'll be at the Coliseum Pavilion. Doors open at 5, so come on down early to get a good seat and get pumped for a night of absolute pleasure family-friendly fun!  Get a trial run on that halloween getup you've been working on- we'll have costume contests for both kids and adults, with prizes for winners and candy for participants!

You can always buy tickets at the door, or you can save yourself a couple of bucks and get advance tickets online at or from your favorite roller girl.  Stay up-to-date with all the bout day info by joining our handy-dandy facebook event.

This past weekend we also held a Rocky Horror Dance Party at Westerwood tavern.  Sass Squasher and Hitter Miss got into the spirit of the floor show with Flirtini's beeeeeeautiful red boa.  Because nothing subtly says Rocky Horror like a boa.

That's a nice look for you, Sass.
So fast she's even blurry when she's not skating.

The adorably sweet and innocent Johnny Applespeed won the costume contest at said dance party in her impeccable Janet costume.  Don't be fooled by the cuteness, though- she's a demon on the track!

See you Saturday! And remember...

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