Sunday, September 21, 2014


Check out those graphics!
Our princess is in another Coliseum.  She's in the Pavilion, waiting for Greensboro Roller Derby's video games-themed DOUBLE HEADER this coming Saturday, September 27!

We'll have the Gate City All Stars battling the Charlotte Roller girls AND Greensboro Counterstrike taking on the Charlotte B-Dazzlers.  Will Charlotte or Greensboro come out on top?  It's a secret to everybody.

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this: our current Living Social deal, which gets you half-price tickets!  Hit up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-select-start and click here to get the deal.  You can also buy tickets online here.  It's super effective!

Bring your best Cosplay and enter our costume contest for the opportunity to win prizes!  Isn't this Saturday sounding funner and funner? What a horrible night to have a curse.

GSORD at City Market.  I am error.

Have you seen Greensboro Roller Derby out and about lately?  Did you enter our "Design a Roller Girl" coloring contest?  If so, you have another reason not to want to miss Saturday's festivities: We'll be announcing the winner.  A winner is you!

Doors open at 5pm on Saturday with the first whistle at 6.  Come early to get a good seat, and be sure to say "Hi!  I like shorts!" at the Center for Visual Artists' table and our Merch table.  As always, you can buy snacks and beverages (Grumble Grumble) to help you get comfortable while you watch the Sonic Booms.

Afterwards, come by Stumble Stilskins to buy drinks for the players, refs, and splines-reticulating NSOs. This is your opportunity to finally tell them "Conglaturation !!! You have completed a great game. And prooved the justice of our culture.  Now go and rest our heroes !"  And hey, even if you're a Charlotte fan, you're still welcome.  You gotta lot of guts acting like a friend but being a spy!

We're here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... And we're all out of bubblegum.
Game over, man.  Game over.

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