Monday, August 18, 2014

Derby Gift Guide

People!  The holidays are upon us!  Or they're like three months away.  But anyway, there's no time like the present to start thinking about presents.  And people have birthdays all year round, of course, so I'm sure you've been stressing about what to get for that special derby enthusiast in your life.  Never fear!  Greensboro Roller Derby is here to help.

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First up, you'll need a card.  Etsy has millions, including the one featuring that classy dame to the left.  Come to think of it, Etsy is a superb place to look for a derby-themed gift.

Several sellers make cool cufflinks or jewelry from skate bearings.

For the more practical gift-giver, check out these toe guards to protect skates, arm band numbers, or a handy-dandy (and customizable!) skate leash.

And woah, can you beat these awesome custom portraits?  No,  you cannot.  Wicked.
Got a board gamer on your list?  Jammer Up is a board game based on the rules of modern derby!
The crafty derbylover deserves a nice selection from this collection of Roller Derby-themed fabric.
And for the bookish brawler there's Down and Derby.  (Reviewed on this blog here.)

And THE SHIRTS.  You can never go wrong with a shirt, eh?  Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

You can buy those bad boys here, here, and here.  (If you find that The World is Flat one for sale somewhere, please let me know so I can link up!)

But really, we all know that the coolest and best shirt is one that represents your own league.  Come to our next double-header on September 27th and stop by the merch table to see our beeeeeautiful offerings, especially those featuring our new Counterstrike logo!  If you just can't wait that long (and who could blame you?) you can order a home team or GSORD shirt online here.

Here's another idea: Take advantage of the Living Social deal going on for our September bout and treat that deserving loved one to a night of fast-paced, hard-hitting sportswomanship.

And if you really are thinking about holiday gifts already, consider the gift that keeps on giving: 2015 season passes!  Stay tuned here, on facebook, and at our bouts for more info about Season Passes.

Really, though, if you're lucky enough to have a player or ref or NSO in your family or circle of friends, your support is a GREAT GIFT!  Come to our events, support our fundraisers, ask questions about the rules and practices and stuff.  Tell us how much you love watching us play/ref/carry a clipboard.  We are easy to please and we love you!

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