Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet the Nightmares and their Frightening Captains

Woah!  Our first home team bout of 2014 is LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!

I know you've been waiting all winter for another chance to watch the Nightmares take the track.  Will their seemingly endless winning streak finally come to a close?  Or will they come out the victors once again?

The Nightmares will be mixing it up a little this season with a new coach,
Sass Squasher- you may recognize him as Butternut Squasher's biggest fan.  For this bout Sass will be joined by one of our recently retired Nightmares, Brody Slaughterhouse.

Your scary, scary Nightmare Captains for 2014 are Whip-O-SnapHer and Emma Ture.  Let's have a little chat with them, shall we?

First up is Whip-O-SnapHer!
Your goals for your team this season: To continue to play better as a team.  To work on bridging effectively and keeping a calm focused energy when we play!
Favorite move on skates: Juking. I still have lots of room for improvement in this.
Best derby memory:  (I have two) Winning MVP in my first ESN bout. Also becoming a poster child for GSORD with Ellie Mae Crammit.
Worst derby Memory: Every time I let my team down when I go to the penalty box.

Best advice for new skaters: Learn what derby low is and keep you back straighter and work on your core strength.
Whip-O as described by Emma: "Whip-O is the one you will always catch with a smile on her face. She truly loves the sport of roller derby. She has the type of hardworking, positive attitude that is infectious to those around her. I can always count on her to push harder and give it everything she has got. Not only that but, she is a down to earth person that you can be comfortable coming to if you ever needed help with something."

And now, Emma Ture:
Your goals for your team this season: I would like to see us form a cohesive team bond and have that transfer to our game-play on the track. The better a team knows one another the better the communication and teamwork will be. Also, I would like to see us step up our defensive game—strong walls, hard hits, recycling, the works!
Favorite move on skates: I love it when you line the hit up on a player just right and WHAM!, you have hit her down and out of bounds.
Best derby memory: Winning the home team championship game last season along with my fellow Nightmares.
Worst derby memory: Anytime that I go to the box; I feel helpless just sitting there watching, unable to help my team.
Best advice for new skaters: Practice, Practice, Practice. Be determined and try not to let the little things get to you; it is through failure that we learn.

Emma as described by Whip-O: "My Co-captain Emma Ture is a great leader. She is smart, organized, positive, dedicated, hard working, a great teacher, and a skater that works hard to improve her game. She is also always willing to share her knowledge with other skaters."

Check out all the amazing players who will be Nightmaring on March 22:

Annie Lastwords #321
Buster Licious #212
Butternut Squasher #2
Crash Bandicutie #N64
Emma Ture #3
Frosty Snowmean #413
Hitter Miss #26
Independent Claws #77
Pants #508
PepperSpray Pattie #18
Queen LaCheetah #123
ShropDead #1134
Suture Fancy #U81
Thoreau HerDown #3P0
Whip O SnapHer #99

Don't miss this mess!  See you at the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion on Saturday!


  1. Who is Pants and where is she from?! We've got the same number!