Saturday, February 25, 2012

Be the Skate; My Journey in Visualizing

So, I made it what?  I passed my minimum skills assessments, I'm officially over one hurdle of what I've come to learn will be many.  I suppose I can answer my question simply and not-so-simply.  I suppose I could just say that I'm on to the next step, the next "make it happen" moment.  But what do I want to make happen?  Who do I see myself becoming as part of this league?  What is my next goal? 

I will say this; practicing with our veteran skaters is such an honor and humbling experience.  I am not saying I ever thought I was super awesome but I see now how these ladies strive to be better and continue learning.  During our scrimmage-type drills is where I am most in awe of them and it's also when I often find myself lost and being ineffective.  This leads to a great amount of frustration at myself.  I've been a spectator at a few bouts now and thought I had a pretty good grasp on what happened during a jam but actually being on the inside is a whole different experience.  I see how complicated it can be, trying to implement strategy that incorporates both offense and defense.  Which brings me to the visualization aspect of this.  I do believe in the idea that you can "see" yourself performing a task as you want to and "make it happen."  The result may not be immediate but in time, it will become a reality.  Right now my default vision of myself is more along the lines of a large, awkward bird on roller skates.

The way I want to envision myself is more like a shark, swimming stealthy around and attacking a pack like a feeding frenzy!!  Maybe that's a bit too much but you get the idea.

 It's up to me to put in the work and I know eventually it will "click."  I can only get better and understand the game by going to practice and soaking up as much as I can from our veteran skaters and coaches.  I will probably ask some questions that seem dumb and I know that our veteran skaters experienced what I'm going through(though by looking at them, you'd never know).  This is a journey where I can learn as much as I want, get out as much as I put in, and be as good as I can see myself being.

All my awkward derby love,
The Worst Noel


  1. The ostrich in roller skates is actually my spirit animal. (Technically it's a cassowary in skates, but close enough)
    I love this post WN, visualization is something I do as well. I think it's a wonderful habit to incorporate into your derby training and will serve you well.
    As far as asking questions (no question is dumb) keep doing it. Always. Never stop. This is the beauty of derby, we're always learning, always changing, and incorporating what we like and feel is useful.
    I am guilty of getting zoned out at practice and forgetting to take a moment to really soak up the lesson I've just been handed.
    Thanks for the reminder to take a second to ask myself some simple questions about how I play and how I can become a better player/teacher/student.
    derby <3,

  2. Wow Katie!!! Thank you for putting my feelings into words! I love the bird and shark metaphor and i totally can relate! Our vets are so awesome and patient with us! We are so lucky to be part of such an amazing team.