Saturday, May 28, 2011

Protective of your greatest investments.

Roller Derby comes with hits, falls, bumps and bruises.  There is an obvious reason why we are required to wear mouth guards, elbow, wrist and of course knee pads.  There are a bunch of brands to choose from when it comes to pads, for example, pro-teck, triple-eight, and my personal choice 187. 

I have found that for myself, and many other ladies whom are a part of my league that 187's Pro Knee Pads.  These are pads that skateboarders use so the knee caps are pretty indestructible.  But, if you do break one 187 will replace them.  Sin City Skates (, a popular derby website says:

"The cap "pour point" is also on the side (instead of on the top, where there is already a lot of stress) for these, so they are much harder to crack, and easier to replace if they do."


Compared to some other knee pads, these may seem expensive at $65.00 but I would not skate with any other knee pad.  The pro-knees have a thicker padding that is great for impact but the fabric is also a "quick dry" material, making washing easier. 

When I first made the switch I didn't think that I would like them since they are thicker than other pads; I thought cross-overs might be harder but after a lap or two I was ready to go!  I did not feel the falls as much as I had before and actually felt like I could control my knee falls, being able to pop up more easily. 

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Derby Love,
Brody Slaughterhouse  

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