Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Often Awesome

Timothy LaFollette is an amazing man who has wonderful family and friends, several of who are a part of GSORD; in fact, Tim actually has his whole army.  Tim is a great friend and a great musician but is plagued with the incurable disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  This horrific and terrible disease prompted Tim and his friends and family to work together to raise awareness and money for a cure.

Often Awesome's website says this about Tim:

     "Tim survived his first diagnosis "birthday", but there have been no advances in treatment in the 28 years since his mother's death. Tim is almost house-bound and has lost his ability to care for his basic needs. There is a silver lining to this seemingly sad story. Tim can discuss his decline with humor and truthfulness and he has the kind of friends that give you faith in humanity. We felt helpless as we watched our friend lose muscle control and his ability to breathe on his own. We desperately wanted to care for our friend and so the Often Awesome Army was born. Our "Army" started off as a close-knit group. It grew into a 1400+ person movement with t-shirts, a care team, benefit shows and an award winning web series!"

Some of the ladies from GSORD knew Tim very well and soon enough we all knew who he was and his story... we got to be part of the army.  We have hosted several events with money going to Often Army.  Last year, GSORD threw a large "Release Yo' Self" dance party to help raise money for ALS.

Often Awesome also has a captivating series, documenting Tim's experience:   Often Awesome: The Series 

Please visit the Often Awesome Website ( to learn more and become a part of the army.

Derby Love,
Brody Slaughterhouse

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